Dubai is known for its lively party scene, often involving alcohol consumption. However, if you find yourself inebriated and need a safe ride home, don't worry. Our late-night drivers in Dubai are available to ensure your safe return home. Whether you are a frequent party-goer or attending a one-off event, you can rely on our crew driver service to pick you up and drive you home. It is important to remember that drinking and driving are not safe, and our professional drivers are available to ensure your safety.

If you plan on going out for drinks at a bar, we strongly advise against driving yourself. Our designated late-night drivers in Dubai can transport you safely to your destination. Our drivers stay sober throughout the journey, allowing you to enjoy your night out worry-free.With our reliable night driver service, you can enjoy your night out without worrying about the risks of drunk driving. We are committed to ensuring your safety and providing a stress-free ride home.

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Our night drivers have undergone professional night driving training and are well-versed on Dubai's roads.Until you safely return home, night drivers will take care of you and your vehicle. By using our night driving service, you can avoid driving under the influence tickets and drive as safely as if it were your own car.


Hourly Hire

AED 350 10 Hours
  • Service must start and end in Dubai

Weekly Hire

AED 1,600 Week
  • Service includes 7 days a week x 10 hours per day

Monthly Hire

AED 5,000 Month
  • Service includes 6 days a week x 10 hours per day

One Time Safe Driver Service in Dubai

AED 80 Ride
  • Service includes 7 days a week x 10 hours per day


Our flexible safe services drivers can take you to business meetings, social functions, or any other event you need to attend

Personal Driver

Our professional and well-trained personal drivers are available round the clock to fulfill your driving needs

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Embark on an unforgettable journey through the UAE's wonders with our amazing city tours and desert safaris.

Airport Driver

Provide clients or employees with a seasoned Corporate Driver to and from the airport to ensure a pleasant journey.

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Our drivers are reliable and punctual, ensuring worry-free transportation for your staff.

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Drivehub drivers take the wheel and fulfill all your corporate driver needs! Our fully dedicated and professionally trained drivers are equipped to handle any vehicle

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We would assist you in getting to your activities in comfort so you have plenty of space to focus.


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